The Reparations Pledge I

You’ve probably read about the racial covenants. You know how they still shape Minneapolis today. Maybe you’ve even renounced the covenant on your home. So what do you do next? You can join us in making the Reparations Pledge.

We plan to regularly highlight three actions that you can take to help work toward racial equity. We’ve broken the actions into three categories:

  • LONG-TERM GOALS — Reparations Legislation — We will create initiatives to support local-, state-, and nationwide reparations legislation.
  • MEDIUM-TERM GOALS — Housing Equity — AREA doesn’t have the infrastructure to begin closing Minneapolis’s housing gap, but we want to support organizations that do. We’ll highlight some of our favorite groups for opportunities to contribute or volunteer.
  • SHORT-TERM GOALS — Micro-Reparations — We will promote opportunities to give directly to people in need in the local BIPOC community.

If you can do all three actions, that’s fantastic! If you can do one or two, that’s great too! Click on the buttons below to start taking action.